Discover yourself

Meet Daisy, who took the time to tag us in the poem Discover yourself on Instagram.

About the poem

Good things are not only about, how we look. It’s about the good things live within us. We should except ourself the way we are and feel truly good about it and love ourselves for who we are inside and out. It’s the only key to happiness.
Don’t let anyone pull you down or let destroy your inner peace. Unfortunately we live in a world, where there are people who’ll try to tear you down, as best they can. But remember that regardless of what anyone else does or says, you can always choose to continue to act with integrity and kindness because that’s what going to be count on judgement day.


Discover yourself

By Daisy ‘Magicdust’
Discover yourself

The sooner you
discover the beauty
that lies within you,
the better life would be
You are perfect and pure,
don’t let the world breakdown
the temple that lies within you

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