DNA. Discontent. Disconnect.

The loss of someone you love, can have a great impact on your life. There is no definition of an ending to this period of grief. Tanaya Mohanty wrote the poem DNA. Discontent. Disconnect. about the loss of her birth mother.

About the poem

Sometimes, it’s best to let the poet(ess) use the words to describe the poem. This is the story told by Tanaya.

The death of my birth mother was one event that changed my life on many levels. She is my mother’s sister and we shared an weird love-hate relationship. I was never close to her and neither did I mourn her passing. It took me a lot of time to accept my botched-identity and let it be. Her passing away did not really feel like a loss because except DNA, there was no connection that I felt. Over years, I have missed her and often felt her presence around me, each time in a sad way. She was an extremely headstrong person and extremely disapproving of all sorts of mediocrity. For her, I never met the standards of excellence and her hurtful words stay as preserved memories with me, still. Some people find it disturbingly fascinating, most refute it as a concocted story, my life is very mediocre on the outside but complicated intrinsically and I’m not ashamed of it. R.I.P. Supermother.

Tanaya writes beautiful poetry and is worth to follow on Instagram. She uses the pen name Solitary Woodpecker.

DNA. Discontent. Disconnect.

By Tanaya Mohanty

DNA. Discontent. Disconnect.

I prefer believing
you’re around
your nags-irksome
persistent and sincere
of how you disapproved
of everything I am
broken and ugly.

Beyond those sets
of invisible DNA
we shared love
mixed with discontent
longing to be
together and apart.


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