Do You Love

Maiaruna wrote the poem Do You Love. A poem that is part of a series of poems, written by this poetess.

Maiaruna on InstagramAbout Maiaruna

Her profile on Instagram is a collection of work of her own and work of others. She writes under the pen name Maiaruna and can be found on Instagram and Tumblr. She told us that her book comes out next month and she is also busy with another book. We can’t wait to review this book.

About the poem

The poem is part of the series Letters to Lovers Lost. It’s all about broken hearts and the refusal to be silent about this. The poem Do You Love is one about persuasion. This is a message to someone who you may have loved a long time ago. Should these two lovers start over?  

Do You Love

By Maiaruna

i want you to come
of your
i want to make you
i want to do you
this time and




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