Does it matter?

Does it matter?

Poetry doesn’t have to be long to write a message. The message that  Ashwin Derick included in his poem Does it matter? is what he called a “one liner with a whole deep meaning when you understand it.”

About Ashwin Derrick

Ashwin lives in the small town of Villupuram in Tamili (India). He considers himself not to be a professional writer, but one who writes what his soul shouts to him, from time to time. You can follow Aswhin on Instagram, where he uses the name Sounds of the Soul.

About Does it matter?

My poem is about us humans and our view on the other humans around us. We all expect other to be perfect in every, but we ourselves are not perfect.


Does it matter?

By Ashwin Derrick

Does it matter

The world vehemences us to be untouched and pure when it’s own soul lost, it’s heart bruised and it’s mind haunted.

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