It is the year 2017. But, when listening to some politicians, you don’t realise this sometimes. There are still a few ‘real’ men who believe in ancient ideas about womens rights. Some go as far as wanting to dominate women, just because they are men. This poem, Domination is about these words.


By Harm


I heard this politician,
this ‘real’ man
He spoke about domination
a fragment of his imagination

This politician,
this man,
Just because he thinks he can
He spoke about the domination of a woman

In his mind it is all clear
A woman needs to be dominated
He enjoyed his words for all to hear
about how they should be mated

This man failed to realise,
it isn’t typical for guys
to want to dominate a woman
just because you’re a man

Isn’t dominating,
just like violating?
Robbing those of what they consider their own
Just for your own moan?

Violating and robbing, mister
and making a plea for this misconception
about stealing their glister,
it is just such a deception

Are they the weaker sex?
Really, mister, did you do your checks
One thing I can say
There is one thing we cannot do, no way!

Think about the pain that is mostly by choice
Listen to your inner voice
And think about labour pain
Are you still thinking about weakness, you’re insane

And even when labour pains are out of the question
there is no logic to this aggression
Because, it’s simply true,
she doesn’t want what you do

Reconsider your thoughts for a moment
begin to think like a normal person
I hope someday, you will understand
Before things worsen.

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