Dreaming beyond

Dreaming beyond
This is the poem "Dreaming beyond" written by Riya Kartha.

Dreaming beyond is a poem written by the Indian poetess Riya Kartha. We asked what poem she is really proud of. This is the poem she showed us this beautiful poem.

Riya on Instagram
Riya on Instagram: Wild Word Poetry.

About Riya

Riya lives in Mumbai, India. She is 29 years-old and believes that words can be healing for others. They can form a bridge, so people can unite. This unification is not limited to one certain country. Riya believes that poetry can connect everyone from across the globe. We – of course – could not agree more!

She believes that scars and emotions can be healed through nature and art. She considers poetry as an art form (so do we, actually). Words from poets remind people about what she calls the simple human connection, that binds us all.


This poetess considers herself to be one who has to tame her wild heart. Writing helps her to discover this world even more. Dreams she finds important and encourage others to chase their dreams as well.

Riya writes on Instagram under the pen name Wild Word Poetry.

About Dreaming beyond

It is great to dream! Unfortunately, it also reminds us what we are missing out on. The poem that is written by Riya, is such a moment. A moment when you dream about wonderful things and realise that you might be able to see, but they are unreachable.


Dreaming beyond

I have dreams
Of fingers that hold moonlight
Of rivers that bend with grace
Of waltzing in an empty room
Of tears kissing ink
Of songs that dance on my skin
Of stars that stream in as daylight
Of untold whispers that sit on your hair
I have dreams
Of winter in a summer breeze
Of a world that lets lovers be
Of words that bring warmth
Of stolen dances in a storm
Of a swing of flowers
Of the sound of the sea
I have dreams
Of things I can see
But can’t touch
Of things we could be
But can’t see.

Riya Kartha / Wild Word Poetry



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