Remember what the world looked like when you were young? Remember the things you saw, that would amaze you? Growing up this dreamworld seems to get lost or send to the back of the mind. My daughter wants to grow up fast. As she explains this to me, I think about the dreamworld she is now able to see. This poem is for all parents dealing with the struggles of children growing up.


By Harm

If only I could write how wonderful that moment was with you
Riding my bike together, wind in our hair
You told me that it’s true,
that there is so much to see in this world
and that it isn’t fair,
that there you are too small
to see it all
I told you that you need to discover your dreamworld first
and stay small for as long as you like,
for growing up, that is what causes you to lose
the link to this dreamworld you see as your muse

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