She calls herself just a girl from Malaysia. As we’re concerned, Sarah it isn’t just any girl. One of the many great writers who publishes her work on Instagram and submitted her poem to be promoted by The Ministry of Poetic Affairs.

About the poet

Just a girl from Malaysia trying to change the world through writing. ❤

Follow this talented poet on Instagram. She uses the pen name Torn Pieces of Paper.

About the poem

Why I wrote it: Love isn’t something to be played with. That person could look like such a rock from the outside but they’re as fragile as glass on the inside. That love, that trust that’s given, it’s something special. And someone that’s immature will never be able to understand or even experience true love.




By Torn Pieces of Paper (Sarah)


He handed her a glass rose
And in the blink of an eye
She dropped it
For a golden one

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