Drowning for real

The English poet Azza Murtuza wrote down his feelings about the reality of a life that is dominated by two loves. This is his poem Drowning for real.

Drowning for real
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About Azza

He considers himself to be a Maverick – an unorthodox or independent-minded one. His mission is to write about his emotions and being empathic to the world he lives in (Belfast and its surroundings). His window to the social world is Instagram. You can follow him by clicking on this link. You will notice that he started this account almost a year ago. He writes much longer though.


We all heard these stories and maybe seen it in movies. Those who live a different life than others. Their lives are dominated by more than one love. However, this isn’t what Azza wants to express in his poem.

“ There is this reality of a lover bounded by two loves of his life. An ocean which soothes the soul and a person who fuels the fire within. Both aspects make the lover drown in their charm for real. “

We find the poet sitting near the coastline. There are these thoughts about what is important in his life. The ocean and the one he loves. Looking into her eyes, it’s like looking into the deep blue sea. Isn’t that both beautiful and scary?

Drowning for real

Drowning for real


I sat across the sea
Surround by two oceans
One was for real
And the other one
Resided in her eyes….

Either ways I was drowning for real…

Azza Murtuza (Born Maverick)

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Drowning for real
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Drowning for real
About a man and his two loves
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