Dry-land sanity

Dry-land sanity

She calls herself a storyteller. She writes beautiful poems. On Instagram.she uses the pen name 0layinka_ and she wrote the poem Dry-land sanity.

About the poem

It’s about having your trust broken by someone you love and watching all your memories fade into nothing. The demand salinity method.

Dry land salinity metaphor was added because of my love for science and like shallow plants, it feels like your heart is being uprooted.

Follow this talented writer on Instagram. You can read an excerpt of her book Cover house on Isuu.com.

Dry-land sanity

By 0layinka_


Dry-land sanity

I trusted you, to tread carefully on the
garden bed of my heart. I hoped for
memories, deep and fragrant, to blossom
there. Instead, you unprooted by trust,
leaving this garden to flood with my tears
The salt seeping into the soil has become
toxic. This dry-land salanity is degrading my sanity.

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