Each day

Each day

An outcome of his heart, that is what Abhinav Mishra calls his poems. Well, it seems that there is a lot of things worth to write about in his heart. Abhinav asked us if would be so kind to promote his poem Each day.

About the poet

In daily life Abhinav is an assistant professor at the Lloyd Law College in the Indian state Uttar Pradesh. If you want to follow Abhinav, you should do this on Instagram.

About the poem

Abhinav was kind of mysterious when it comes down to why he wrote the poem. This was for a certain someone.

Each day

Each day

By Abhinav Mishra

Deep sighs and cold bed
you creeply walking in my head

As the dark grows and embraces night
you grow over my mind
like you used to come over me and fight
That how I find

Find you with me each day
to say what I want to say

How much do I love you?


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