Veronika Sivka wrote the poem “Eleven.” In this poem, she takes about the image someone can leave, even in your heart.

Veronika Sivka wrote the poem “Eleven.” In this poem, she takes about the image someone can leave, even in your heart.

Veronika combines her social life and her life of writing (poetry) on her Instagram profile. Every now and then, she tips us about some of her work.

Do you remember that episode of the sitcom Friends? The one where Parker (Alec Baldwin) seems to be, well very enthusiastic about … well, everything. The classic phrase of the episode (full name The One in Massapequa, S08 E18):

I want to take a mental picture of you all… click!

Check out a part of this classic episode:


So, what does this all have to do with the poem written by Veronika? Not that we are disrespectful to the work she sent us. No, this is about taking something that you made. Instead of a photograph, it’s this image. To save it for later use. Everywhere you go, this image will be with you. Veronika decided to take it way further than you might think:

“It is not important if it is a totally fictional character, or if it is a person that we spent some time with, but we put an idea in our head of how they are.”

It could be anyone. Although you might think this is about someone you might fell in love with (or she did), this isn’t. It may well be, that this is someone who is very different in real life. In the end, these images will remain where they are: locked inside ourselves.



Even if I don’t say it out loud,
I still search for you in a crowd,
Actually, I search for you in every place.
I look for you in every face,
Hoping it is your eyes that I find,
And yet you are nowhere – but in my mind.

Veronika Sivka

So, if this isn’t about a real person. It may well be that this is someone who searches for a special one after they are gone. When someone passes away, there is this period that is of course very sad. During these moments of pain, there can be very strange moments. Moments that you used to share with that loved one. It is as if he or she can return at any moment. Sadly, they don’t.

Isn’t that the great thing about poetry? The poetess, in this case, Veronika, gave us her vision on this poem. When reading on, you can find what you want in this poem.


The image in this poem was made by Muhammed Salah. Click here for his Instagram profile.


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