She calls herself a vagabond and a rebel at heart. She wrote a strong poem about emancipation, that we love to share with you! Mehwash writes under the pen name Spikedandspilled on Instagram.

About the poet

When we asked Mehwash to describe herself, she gave the following information for her bio:


Mehwash is a vagabond and a rebel at heart. For her poetry is cathartic as it gives meaning to her wandering thoughts. She writes under the pen name of @spikedandspilled with the hope of inspiring compassion, resilience and free-spiritedness amongst all those who chance upon her poems.

About the poem

The dream of a better life doesn’t start with any action, it starts with being kind, empathetic and considerate of our won thoughts and emotions as well as of those around us. If this journey starts with us, then we have the power to punt and end to any kind of racism – first within us and then around us. Otherwise what is better in life if our thoughts and emotions are clouded by bias and unnecessary judgements.

Wise words by Mehwash, a poetess worth to follow!




By Spikedandspilled
I pray for an era when
The color of the skin, religion
Sexual preference or gender
Of a human being
Are not preferred over their
Kind souls, fierce hearts
And empowered minds.
May we truly experience
An emancipation
In our thoughts and emotions

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