Read the poem "Emerald" written by TK2 / TKII, about the struggles that come with a burn out.

The poem Emerald is written by the poet who uses the name TK2 or TKII. This is a poem about how someone can suffer from a burn out, even at a younger age.

About the poem

When reading the poem Emerald, one cannot help thinking that this poem is actually an excuse. An excuse from someone, who feels that he (or she, but the poem is written by a male) is somewhat in doubt if he can provide the love he is supposed to give.

A burn out is a process very complex. It leads to many things and those who suffer from this, feel that they are letting everyone down. This is not the case, but in their minds, it is a “fact.”

There is no limit as it comes to a certain age, when someone can feel the pains caused by a burn out.

This is what the poet has to say about this poem:

“This poem is about how at a young age desire felt limitless but over time and age it started to burn out. Then upon meeting someone special it grew and about how it should be kept under control or else it burns too fast eventually leading to the fire burning out.”




My heart burned with emerald hued fire

It felt as if I had limitless desire

Now, gone cold a lump of glowing ember

A cold draft in the month of December

Afraid to swallow or it will burn out

Heart afflicted with equivalence of gout

The arthritic squeezing, unable to breath

Until I see you  and the fire starts to seethe

Taming the flames as they grow

Must not let them go out of control

For it’s been so long you see

Since, I’ve felt love from anyone but me

It isn’t something I give unwillingly

This love I hold is free

I don’t walk into this unwittingly

I can walk away and let things be

So, let’s choose what we do carefully

or one of us will end up regretfully




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