Empty house

There is this empty house. Clearly a metaphor for a moment in time when you feel empty inside. I use metaphors in my poems all the time. It helps me to relate and it can help others to better understand my words.

Empty house

Empty House

Let me tell you a story,
don’t worry,
I will be discreet
It’s about a house in a quiet street

Everyone walks by this house, the don’t know what happened there
In that house, I was to meet,
In the house where,
she lived, a girl so sweet

On the stairs of her house we sat, that’s were our story began
we talked for hours, we even sang
Together, about love and understanding
closely towards each other, we knew the meaning

For a moment, the world was only us two
Skies above bright an blue
Birds singing their most beautiful song
Was this real, this felt so strong!

In the house the took me, up the stairs, to her room
we made mad love, we didn’t care
if the neighbors would hear us scream,
it all seemed like a dream

The dream ended, when I woke up in dispare
What was this all, it felt like doom
I was alone, she ‘d departed
Was I this lighthearted?

She left without saying farewell, like there was no time
For a long time I wondered, will she be mine?
There were no mules left behind, like in the fairy tale
I considered to be a total fail
Especially due to the fact I was woken from my dream
by a policeman, that looked so mean!

Why was I trespassing, breaking an entry
inside of property,
that wasn’t mine?
Why was I was I committing a crime?
He went on and on, all I could think “You stupid calf”
was the oddity of this all, it made me laugh

My laughter soon died, as I was taken away
Angry people, would not let me stay
If only I could have stayed, I would have found out
if she was ever to come back and we could still hangout.

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