Looking back, most of us can't help but wish to be able to redo some part of the past. Regret hangs in our hearts and we feel the urge to just start over. Afresh. Anew. And I think erasers are a very strong metaphor for this crushing emotion.

Ryan describes herself as someone that is bursting with poetic phrases and is always searching for metaphors. She wrote the poem Erasers.

About the poet

I am hopelessly in love with words and the effect they tend to have on gentle hearts.

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By Ryan


You know how we write on paper –
we scribble some, we erase some.
But the thing is, the marks can never
be rubbed out completely – I can still make out imprints
of past
mistakes and regrets.
I guess I need
to find
a fresh page
and an eraser
that works better than the one I have now.

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