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The feeling to get away from everyday life, that is written down in the poem Escape. This poem is written by the Indian poet Ankit.

Ankit on InstagramAbout Ankit

When he is not writing poetry, Ankit is a computer engineer. He is 24 years old and likes to travel. When it comes to literature, he doesn’t only read it; he also writes it.

Ankit can also enjoy the basic things in life, like food. This is someone, who loves life. But, there is always a way that he must find to escape the hectic life. Writing is his meditation.

“It helps me release my bolted emotions and is a kind of therapy. I truly believe in being able to express my thoughts and in the process helping others express as well, healing and touching lives, if possible.”

Ankit uses two Instagram accounts: his account for writing and his personal account. He also publishes his thoughts on his website.

About Escape

This poem reflects Ankit’s thoughts about the need to escape a monotonous life, that we lead. According to Ankit, sometimes it is just a matter of following your passion.

“The woods symbolize the wilderness, nature here represents the quintessential example of freedom and following your heart. Escape now or bargain for a life of fake comfort.”



Drag me out of these stone cold cells
these prisons made of gold
they do look like a beautiful mess
but a mess nonetheless, truth be told

I have survived a thousand storms
under the veils of sorted captivity
and now my lungs yearn to breathe
winds laced with lilacs and mahogany

Keeping up with adamant deadlines
I have slaughtered all wishes enough
tore myself apart like an old rag
how long to my helpless heart I bluff

Before my eyes sink to the hollows
and the skin leaves my bones
you have to leave to live, my love
or bargain for them thorny thrones


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