Kat send us the poem Eternity. A genuine love poem, that we are more than happy to share with you.

About the poem

I wrote this one on a whim, thought I’d put a happy, cheerful one up!

Well, if this is written on a whim, be sure to send us more!

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By Poetrybykitkat

His watch stopped working just as she arrived,
A glow all around her, lipstick perfectly applied.
He went to kiss her, as he held her face,
His watch caught her hair as they awkwardly embraced.
Breaking the ice with a giggle and a smile,
She knew he was worth travelling 100 miles.
Holding hands to the restaurant in town,
Sparks went flying and lit everything all around.
People stared in awe of their obvious attraction,
And time stood still in their magnetic reaction.
Somehow they knew they would be together,
An eternity of time, endlessly forever.


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