Eve- Song

After the day lies behind us, on what we commemorate and pay respect to women, it’s time share the poem Eve- Song, written by Dame Mary Gilmore. This poem shows that respect for women should not be limited to one day per year.


Although the poem is a legacy of the nineteenth century, the poem is very much accurate. In many countries, the rights of women aren’t the same as men. The difference between the two sexes is sometimes immense. There are many of us, who feel the need to change things.

At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we did not publish any poems on the day we know as International Women’s Day. It’s not because we don’t believe this day isn’t important. It was and is our protest against those, who feel the need to make a statement: by not publishing any poems. Yes, this might seem like a strange decision, but we wanted to do something different. We could have chosen to publish poems only written by women. Or we could have published poems about the need to change things. But we didn’t.


Poetry is a dynamic form of art and there are many fine examples when it comes to women’s rights. Even in the poetry that is part of our worldwide poetic legacy. Like the poem that was written by Dame Mary Gilmore.


At the time when Gilmore was alive (1865 – 1962), things were different in the country she lived in (Australia). Women were considered as second class and had limited options. Therefore, it is good to know that Gilmore fought to be accepted. Also, she fought to undo the submission of women. When you keep in mind that in some countries this is still unchanged, you will able to read a poem that is still accurate.


Eve- Song

Eve- Song


I span and Eve span
A thread to bind the heart of man;
But the heart of man was a wandering thing
That came and went with little to bring:
Nothing he minded what we made,
As here he loitered, and there he stayed.
I span and Eve span
A thread to bind the heart of man;
But the more we span the more we found
It wasn’t his heart but ours we bound.
For children gathered about our knees:
The thread was a chain that stole our ease.
And one of us learned in our children’s eyes
That more than man was love and prize.
But deep in the heart of one of us lay
A root of loss and hidden dismay.

He said he was strong. He had no strength
But that which comes of breadth and length.
He said he was fond. But his fondness proved
The flame of an hour when he was moved.
He said he was true. His truth was but
A door that winds could open and shut.

And yet, and yet, as he came back,
Wandering in from the outward track,
We held our arms, and gave him our breast,
As a pillowing place for his head to rest.
I span and Eve span,
A thread to bind the heart of man!

— Dame Mary Gilmore

Eve- Song
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Eve- Song
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