Every night

Every night

Aaisha send us a poem and asked if we would be so kind to share it. That is what we are here for. 

About the poet

Aaisha told us she is a teenager that is studies.

I write to free my mind to escape from these random thoughts.

About the poem

The poem is what every girl goes through.

You can follow the thoughts of Aaisha as she publishes her work on Instagram.

Every night

By Aaisha Writes

Every night

Every night she go to bed with tears in her eyes and dreams in her heart.
Crushing his thoughts lying as lame,
She ignores her heart when it sings his name.
A slideshow of memories flashes in her eyes,
Holding her pillow tight she cries and cries.
His voice saying her name can still be heard,
She still reads his messeges as a neard.
She holds her hands against her ears to stop his words repeating in her mind,
And no other option she could find.
He is the memory she always wanted to rewind!
He was the only one among millions she selected,
He is a memory that could never be deleted…

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