Everything in its place

Everything in its place

Arthur Guiterman wrote a poem with some proverbs included. This is the poem Everything in its place,/i>. A combination of proverbs so well used!

Arthur Guiterman
Arthur Guiterman

About Arthur Guiterman

The American writer Arthurt Guiterman (November 20, 1871 – January 11, 1943) is well known for his somewhat hilarious poems. The poem Everything in its place is no exception.

Although Guiterman was not born in the United States, he was born in Vienna (Austria), he would become of great value to the American literairy community. In 1910, he founded the Poetry Society of America and was its president between 1925 and 1926.

He left the world, some interesting poems and some of them could be considered as way beyond his time.

More of his work can be read – for free – via Project Gutenberg.

Everything in its place

Everything is in its place

The skeleton is hiding in the closet as it should,
The needle’s in the haystack and the trees are in the wood,
The fly is in the ointment and the froth is on the beer,
The bee is in the bonnet and the flea is in the ear.

The meat is in the coconut, the cat is in the bag,
The dog is in the manger and the goat is on the crag,
The worm is in the apple and the clam is on the shore,
The birds are in the bushes and the wolf is at the door.

– Arthurt Guiterman

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