Excruciating truth

Excruciating truth

The poem Excruciating truth written by Fiza Nayyer, a medical student, is about what she calls destractions. Colours that are visible in our life in love, happiness and everything beautiful.

About Fiza

Fiza uses Instagram and her blog to share her thoughts. In daily life, she is a medical student. She has, what she calls, different interests.

I started writing for my mom as a kid to show my love for her and i loved how it felt to get my feelings out, to actually give them a physical appearance in the form of words.

Since then, its been hard not to write. I speak for every person unable to express by giving them a voice through my words. This here is a very short expression but is the ultimate truth of the world. I’ve written more for everyone, check my instagram page.

About Excruciating truth

This depicts all of our lives. Most people find this world full of happiness, loved ones, and everything meaningful to them. But all of those, are merely the colourful distractions, a beautiful packing to a horrible gift. What comes within is painful.


Excruciating truth

Excruciating truth

By Fiza Nayyer

The world
is a dark
pit with

Fiza publishes her poems on the social media platform Instagram. Be sure to follow this talented poetess.

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