Just recently the poet WanderingOasis decided to share her work with the rest of the world. She asked us if we would could share her poem Fairytale. A poem about a breakup with het long distance boyfriend.


About the poet

I have been writing poetry for a few years but just recently decided to start to share it with the world. I enjoy all forms of art, including poetry, painting and photography and love spreading joy and emotion through them.

WanderingOasis uses Instagram to share her work. You can follow her using this link.

About the poem

I wrote this poem at the start of a 1 month break from my long distance boyfriend. We’ve been dating for half a year, and we both have a lot going on and it’s hard to focus on the relationship while keeping up long distance. I was lying awake just wishing he was by my side, wishing that everything was perfect, just like a fairytale.


By WanderingOasis

I woke up to the pitter patter of the rain
or was it the sound of my heart beating
like a stone on my window; the reality of a dream we all long
Prince Charming in my yard, calling “let your hair down”
I go to greet your white horse; carry me off into the sunset. My room is dark, lit by the moon, and I lay alone, wishing more than ever that you would be the perfuse downpour that rains from the heavens.

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