Faith and love keep us strong

Faith and love keep us strong

Daisy Boruah Mishra tagged us on Instagram and asked us if we would be so kind to publish one of her poems.

About the poet

I’m Daisy Boruah Mishra ,basically from Assam  (northeast India) based in Gurgaon Haryana (North India ). At present I’m a house wife. I write for myself, because writing to me is fun. I take great pride in looking at what I’ve written, no matter how rough it is. It just makes me happy. I’ve wrote  this poem for myself

Whenever I will feel depress or feel like to give up on things or situations ,this poem of mine  will remind me that I can’t lost my faith in God ,he’s there to protect , I’m not alone and nothing can pull me down. And I hope this poem will  help people to stay positive and have faith in God.

It goes without saying that you should definitely follow this talented poetess on Instagram or Facebook. She uses the pen name Daisy “Magicdust.”

Faith and love keep us strong

Faith and love keep us strong

By Daisy “Magicdust”


Your hands can’t
hold me back
from doing the right thing,
the power of Christ in me
won’t let it happen.

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