The poetess Eshe Kente wrote a poem that is all about that sense to give in to falling in love. It resulted in the poem Falling.

About the poem

Falling in love is a good basis to write a poem about. These emotions aren’t the easiest ones to deal with. Eshe did a good job writing down her thoughts. She finds that falling in love is only possible if there is surrender. Surrender to the one you love.

There’s also the passion that comes with it explorer as ‘fire on the skin.’

One cannot help to think about a shooting star. Although this is not a star, probably a comet, it is a good reference. Eshe finds herself to be falling and then rising. This is a sense of happiness that is hard to define.

Eshe tries to seek the less ordinary when it comes to her writings:

I mean the whole piece is made of questions ‘can I’ requests ‘come live past the sky’ not statements. Is this love requited after all?

And the idea of being sacred like white sin adds a questionable tone to the poem, maybe this is a forbidden love, maybe living past the sky is a way of escaping the world and society.

One cannot help to ask if this is based on true events or not. This doesn’t make the poem in any way less emotional. This is a beautifully written poem. Everyone who has ever fallen in love, can relate to these words by Eshe.

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i’m falling
i’m all in
can i start fires
on your skin?


darling we’re sacred
like white sin
come live past the sky
with your star queen
shower these diamonds
on my skin


Eshe Kente / Married to the Ink

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