Family resemblance

Family resemblance

Tessa wrote the poem Family resemblance. The poem about similarities between siblings and parents. It’s also about expectations of others towards her and the sad loss of a sister.

About the poem

This poem is about my family and all the ways that I am silimar to my parents and my brother. The last stanza is about my sister, who passed away before she was born and so no one ever met her. That stanza is about the ways that I suppose I am like this girl who never got a chance to live a life. Sometimes I feel like a lost child.

On Instagram Tessa uses the pen name Tessa_writes__

Family resemblance

By Tessa Emily

Family resemblance

some say I look like my mother;
same dark blue eyes almost closing when we smile,
same speckled freckled milk skin,
same yellow hair always poured out from a bottle,
same people-loving heart.

some say I look like my father;
same broken eyes needing glasses since a child,
same water-beading thick sking,
same realist, dry dreamer’s, always sens of humour,
same ever-working soul.

some say I look like my brother;
same plastic frames framing windows, fixing eyes,
same language we speak in,
same natural colour, growing-up in both our laughs,
same over-thinking mind.

some say I look like my sister:
same youthful eyes, searching, learning, wanting life.
same connection to our own kin.
same hopeful longing, waiting for a wish.
same never knowing “home”.

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