Fancy pot

Fancy pot

Under the pen name She dreams too often, she wrote the words that were combined into a poem about the standards of beauty. Unrealistic. This is the poem Fancy pot.

About the poet

I am an 18 year old girl who is currently in college studying Software Engineering. Poetry is my hobby,my passion and my solace for everything bitter in life. I am just an average girl who likes reading, writing and clicking pictures.

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About the poem

It’s about when people make you feel you need to get thinner, for people to like you more and how it should not be like that.


Fancy pot

By Komal

Fancy pot

you don’t seem to
like me enough
neither my body
nor my face
as if I’veĀ  carved
myself this mess
as if my soul
doesn’t exists
but my dear hater
a fancy pot
and a plain one
are quite the same
and won’t you like
to drink from the one
that’s not thin?

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