When we asked Alex Dawson if we could use one of his poems to be featured on our website, he was very enthusiastic. This Canadian poet wrote the poem Father.

About the poet

My name is Alex Dawson and I’m a writer, traveller and photographer from Toronto. I write because it is a big emotional outlet for me. I also love sharing my writing with the hopes that it might inspire others or reach out and touch them in some meaningful way.

Well, as far as we are concerned, you’re doing a great job, Alex! If you want to stay updated on The_Missingink (the pen name  Alex uses), you should follow on Instagram.



By Alex Dawson / The_missingink


You were sobbing
on the basement
floor to
“someone saved
my life
an unlikely
funeral hymn
and I finally
saw you then
saw the boy
tucked in a
too- big
beer- stained
button- up
saw the way
the world
can swallow
people just
like us

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