Fear in the night

Fear in the night
The poem "Fear in the night" is written by Nanotist. It's that feeling of fear at night, that is relatable to many of us.

The poetess Nanotist wrote another poem for our October Poetry Challenge about fear. This poem is entitled Fear in the night.

Even though Friday 13th has passed (we hope you survived this day), we are publishing this one. Since this entire month is about fear. Your poem can be featured as well in our October Poetry Challenge about fear. The winner will be announced on October 31st (Halloween).

About the poem

Nanotist seems to amaze us, with her poetry. This time, she writes about a feeling of fear, that is understandable for many of us. What if you are not alone? What if there was something or someone else in the room present?

She had the following to add to this poem:

“Someone a few years ago told me a story about how they heard a thud onto the floor of their bedroom and turned on the light to discover a tarantula. This poem expresses how I would feel if that had happened to me. A theme in the poem is the fear of the unknown arising from not being able to see what threatens and allowing the mind to run away with frightening thoughts.”

If you want to read more poetry written by Nanotist, visit her website or check out her bio.

Fear in the night

Fear in the night

Lying awake in my bed
Hearing scratches overhead
What could it be, this I dread
Making scratches overhead

Tiny feet, it seems to me
Making noises frightfully
What could it be, could it be
Making noises above me

Moving quickly on the wall
Oh! I think I heard it fall
A sudden thump, hear it crawl
Oh no! I have heard it fall

Heavy body, scratchy feet
Oh what, oh what, I repeat
What moves quickly by the seat
Oh no, oh no, I repeat

Terror in the blackest night
No way to see. no moonlight
Curling there in utter fright
Wish I could see in moonlight

Scary thoughts run through my head
What is running towards the bed
Down dark places, mind is led
It keeps running towards the bed

Hear it scratching on the post
Just not knowing scares the most
What fangs and claws does it boast
Just not seeing scares the most

As I hear it coming near
Help, please help, I scream in fear
Oh please someone, please come here
Help, please help, down drops a tear

All is lost, my heart beats out
It will kill me, do not doubt
Coming closer, so I shout
It will kill me! I strike out.

Hear it thud down to the floor
Now its making for the door
I cannot think anymore
As it scratches to the door

Suddenly I see a light
Above the door, it shines bright
What I see gives such a fright
As on my fear it shines bright

I see now here in my room
And call out, go get a broom
Someone outside I assume
Will rescue me with a broom

Now bathing in the hall light
Can calm my fear in the night
With this spider, I can fight
Facing my fear in the night


Fear in the night
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Fear in the night
A poem written about that sense of fear at night.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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