Fill ur gratitude

Fill ur gratitude

Sriram writes under the pen name Sherlock Holmes Cold poetry. He publishes his words on Instagram. This poem is about the feeling of gratitude he feels.

Sriram on InstagramAbout the poet

My name is Sriram and I am from India (Tamilnadu).

About the poem

I have written this because of the gratitude which I feel. I would also fill the world with gratitude, through my poetry. While reading the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, I decided to start writing.


Fill ur gratitude

By Sriram

Fill ur gratitude

Fill ur gratitude..
Eternity of a disgraceful creature lies within you,
Through your veins and in your soul,
Rusted blades of it slowly whacking you,
Elucidating you by an plethorous extinct,
Time to solve this
Time to solve this,
Ennoble your gratitude by your abdicate smile,
abundance fill  show  you the  meaning,
With your unbeaten heart just be thankful,
Unmask now,unmask yourself..

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