Fire, a poem about the Phoenix that rises from the fire when it comes to love. Fire is in fact a metaphor used by Manya Mishra in her poem.

Manya Mishra on InstagramAbout Manya

Under the pen name Metaphors_More, she publishes her work on social media (WordPress and Instagram). Manya uses a consistent template when it comes to her poems: a black background and a typewriter-like white font.

About the poem

It’s about how love is not falling for someone, it’s rather like the phoenix that rises from the fire. Here fire being a metaphor for love.¬†Love is like the fire, hot, raging and wild.



By Metaphors_More


I felt a burning desire
called love one day. Yes it
burnt all I had into hay. I
tried not to let it touch my
depths, but even then like a
lit paper, my heart turned
into ashes. For a fraction of
second as I thought of
letting you go, you came
closer and love burnt my
soul. I still ponder, if love
burns, why would someone
I’d rather rise like a
Phoenix and burn you more.

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