The Australian Lisa Rodrigues (pen name Endofnext) wrote poetry for fifteen years before publishing her first poem. We hope that the poem Fire will be the first of the poems she submits to us for publication.

About the poet

I’ve been writing the whimsy in my head for fifteen years and have never published until now. Endofnext is my creative name and has been my online handle since my teen years. I thought that age had dulled my sense of romance but instead it’s let my voice free. Based in Melbourne, Australia.

About the poem

This poem, like most that I write, starts with a metaphor playing in my head from something I’ve seen or noticed. Something beautiful, unusual, or even horrible that wants to play out on paper.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram or via her own website.



By Endofnext

Emulating wheat fields of foreign lands
Biting the tail of an invisible breeze
Silently cackling, at peace with itself

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