First date

First Date

Let us introduce Sofie. Under the name Sofie (or Sofiestift) she makes Blackout Poetry. Greatly inspired by the dead of David Bowie, she took it upon herself to use the same cut up technique that Bowie used to write his song text for her poetry.

About the poet

Sofie lives in Belgium and uses ready made technique to come to a form of poetry that shows such a great creativity. She was awarded with a prize by the Belgium television for her work on Poetryday in Februari 2016. Yes, she is the first awarded poetess we will cover in a feature article.

In Dutch (or Flemmish) she calls her artwork Stiftgedichten. That is why she took the pen name Sofiestift. You can follow her on Instagram or on her own website.

Het poetry is mostly in Dutch. When we asked her if she also writes in English, she almost immediately came up with a poem called First date.

On holiday in Ireland I bought an English newspaper and tried to do something with this. Only one poem was the result that I found to be OK… For now I will stick to Dutch. I would not rule out the possibility to experiment some more in English.

Well, as for us, we can only assume the experiments will be just as successful as the poems Sofie posted on her website and Instagram page. Keep up the (very) creative work.

Normally we would also include the text of the poem in ‘normal’ text. This time we would make an exception, since the artwork speaks for itself.


First Date

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