We received a beautiful poem by the hand of Earl Jane


About the poet

HI. I am Earl Jane C. Sardua. I am a Filipino, born in the southern part of the Philippines. I am a civil engineering student but I love writing. I have been writing poetry since I was 12, 8 years ago. When I was in high school they will let us choose a major that we will be studying for the rest of our high school years and I randomly picked creative writing for the reason that I don’t know anything about it and I am interested in learning. I thought I am a failure in it. After I finish my high school I continue writing especially poetry ’cause I love doing it. I realize that I have passion in it and so I continue writing ’til this very day and for the years to come. Writing became a part of me, something that I could never get rid of.

About this poem

It just suddenly came to my mind to write something unique and so I choose to write something about break up which I experienced months back before I wrote this. The heartbreaker is the fisherman and the victim of the bait of feigned love is the fish. It’s a poetry story of how the fish endured when it was still in the hands of the fisherman and how the fisherman use net to catch more fish instead of using bait that can only catch one. I also illustrate here the hardships the fish suffered just to be free from the fisherman’s grasp.

The poem



By Earl Jane


You are a really good fisherman,
And I am just but a foolish fish,
Preposterously bitten your hook,
With your bait of feigned love attached to it,
Piercing it all the way to my heart,
Leaving me wounded with all of those prevaricates I’ve fell for,
But I don’t know why,
I still love the feeling,
That you’ve been jumping in gladness,
That you’ve finally caught me,
Even though I was hardly breathing,
‘Cause you’ve taken  me away from the place,
That makes me breathe and gives me joy.
It somehow gives me relief,
Seeing the auspicious sun,
Brightly gleaming into my beautiful scales,
Not knowing it was just a start of a baleful Gehenna!
I should’ve known all along that it was just an entice!
But I am still blessed,
‘Cause I have manage to escape,
While damaging and harming myself in the process,
From the jailhouse that you’ve locked me in.


From then on,
You’ve learned a lesson,
And use NET instead.


How about you?

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