For daughter

For daughter

Avin Kothari wrote a poem about a daughter that will grow up in a world, where she might nog get the respect she deserves. This is because she is a girl. We strongly hope that Avin’s daughter will grow up in a world, where she gets the same equal chances.

About the poem

I was thinking what kind of challenges I will face, when I will have a daughter. This is because men don’t respect girls nowadays. They stop girls from doing what they want and judge them. Therefore I decided to write about my feelings. For the future and the way I will raise my daughter.

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For daughter

By Avin Kothari

For daughter


I am no king, but you are my princess
I own no castle, but this novel is more than a castle because of you,
No one will disgrace you,
You won’t be a thrall to someone when you grow up,
You will live like a queen,
You won’t have to worry about a thing, I will sort out everything for you,
I know growing up won’t be easy,
There are people who play with the mind of a teenager,
When it’s time for them to play with dolls,
You will live without worrying about what society thinks,
You will live in the way you want to live,
You won’t settle for anything, you will do your thing,
I can’t imagine sending you away from me when you get married,
I won’t be there for you always, but
I will make you strong enough,
So you can live like a queen, after I am gone.


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