For my poems

For my poems

Her poem marked the start of the Dutch project Tegen Beeld, to paint poems on walls in the Dutch city of Leiden. In 2005 101 poems were painted on walls throughout the city. The poem For my poems written by Marina Tsvetaeva is nowadays considered as a classic in Russian literature of the twentieth century.

Marina Tsvetaeva
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

About the poet

The live of Marina Tsvetaeva (full name: Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva) ended dramatically on August 31 1941. On that day, she decided to commit suicide by hanging herself. At least, that was the official statement. It is likely that she was forced to commit suicide by the Russian secret service NKVD. Before this happened, her husband and daughter were arrested on charges of espionage. Her husband, Sergei Efron, would be executed, while her daughter was send to a work camp. Ariadna Efron was released in 1955.

Tsvetaeva left us a legacy of poems that she began writing during the Russian Revolution and was greatly inspired by her own life. A life that wasn’t always easy, as you can read on Wikipedia.




For my poems

Marina Tsvetaeva


For my poems

For my poems, written down so soon in life, so early
I did not know I was a poet yet,
Forced loose from me like droplets from a fountain,
A rocket’s sparking yet,


Poems storming from me, invading, like some tiny demons
The sanctuary where sleep and incense twine,
Their themes made up of youth and death, my poems,
My always unread lines!


Thrown here and there amid the dust of various bookshops,
(untouches then, now, by any readers thumb!),
For my poems, stored deep like wines of precious vintage,
I know a time will come.

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