Forbidden love

Forbidden love

Remember Sissi? Under the pen name Wordsponge, she writes seriously good poetry! We are fans of this Dutch poetess! That is why we have no problem promoting her poem Forbidden love. Do you also want us to become fans of your work, then use the submission form at the end of this article.

The name Wordsponge referes to crayons that were popular during the nineties, in case you are wondering what the pen name is all about. On Instagram Sissi uses this pen name. She is worth the while to follow.

Forbidden love

By Wordsponge

Forbidden love

Oh Sun. How it warms and grows the
forbidden fruits. It was an innocent crush that
came crushing down at me. A declaration of
admiration, a passion in attraction. I am in awe
of.. oh Sun we were never meant to be. I do
wonder, Was it ever true love or was it just me?

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