I’ve loved and I’ve been hurt and all that hurt, I’m letting go by forgiveness. I want to, not for anyone else, but just for myself.

About Tanaya

I’m a poet and amateur sketch-artist and I work with an NGO for Women’s hygiene and health in rural India. You can follow me on Instagram (Solitary Woodpecker)

About the poem

It is about how you need to forgive to be able to move on. Even though we love, relentless, sans all limits, easily the ones we love are the ones to hurt us. The hurt is not gonna go anywhere unless you’re ready to forgive and move forward. This is my realisation.



By Tanaya Mohanty


is, sadly
the only way
to forget, get over
someone you loved, sans conditions
but who left you without reasons
justified, understood, in all sanity
and now you’re left
with only hurt,
that wouldn’t

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