Four books and a typewriter

Four books and a typewriter

He calls it “a plethora of dilemmas”, the reason why he started writing poetry. This is the story of the Indian poet Sreemay Rath. Recently he published his fourth book, is Covetous. He has published four books alread and yes, sometimes he uses a typewriter for his poetry. 


Sreemay Rath
Sreemay Rath

Sreemay started writing poetry when he was in the sixth grade. He is currently attending the Navy Children School in Mumbai. He thinks about opportunities to write after he finished his studies. At the moment, he combines his writing with his study.

He was able to publish his first three books thanks to a Kindle-contract. This contract ensured him that his investment was relatively low. For his fourth book, he had to pay processing feeds. But this did not stop this talented writer and poet. It was the reaction of friends and relatives, that inspired him to go on the path he had chosen.

He is currently awaiting the release of his fourth book: is Covetous .


When we asked Sreemay where he gets his inspiration, he names Sylvia Plath as the most important poetess.

She evoked melancholic ordeals through her words in the most melodious manner. It truly is a shame that she couldn’t live a bit longer for the world to endear her work.

What also inspires him are the reactions he gets from his friends and relatives:

Reactions were filled with elations and happiness from both parents, peers and teachers. Everyone who know me were aware that I spend more time at libraries rather than parties. To find myself among the shelves of those very libraries was absolutely blissful.

As for many Indian poets, they write in their native language. Sreemay publishes his work in English. The reason for this has to do with the medium that a writer feels at ease. In English he finds, what he calls his solace. This doesn’t mean, that he only reads English poetry. Sreemay is a fan of Khawaja Musadiq, who writes both in Urdu and English. As for more inspiration, he also gets it from other writers, such as Stephen King (next to Sylvia Plath).

Olympia TravellerSreemay as the writer

As it comes to the writer Sreemay, there is this to say. He saves about three hours a day to write. Sometimes he uses his Olympia Traveller typewriter.

I bought the beauty off a second-hand dealer online. I had to drive a hard bargain to procure it.

When he doesn’t write (on his typewriter), he takes part in debating contests for his school and helps out NGO’s and is always in search of new food recipes in the internet.

One might say, judging from his work, that he is somewhat melancholic. This is caused by the experiences he had in his life. He sees these experiences as a stigma for his work. There are however things he doesn’t want to write about. Death is one issue he finds it hard to write about.

Death, which is quite ironical for most of my work is based on exploring the many facades of death. More than death, the idea of people forgetting me after my death keeps me up at night, trying hard to immortalise my mortal being.

The reality view

Sreemay’s view on reality is clear. When it concerns the way girls and women are treated, he is a true believer when it comes to change in the rights of girls and women. Equality is definitely needed, according to him. A change in the way people think and there should be more discussion as it comes down to equality. As Sreemay puts it: it’s a sensitive matter, that is in need of some rational deliberation. According to him, a consensus seems imminent.

When asked about his plans for the future, he is also the realist. There could be a future in writing, but:

India is still sceptical about a person who weaves word rather than cloth. Poetry despite its history with India is an enigmatic alien online.

His books

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Your story

As for The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we see that a lot of people from India find the way we work and our promotion valuable. Sreemay is one of them. He believes that poetry and poets deserve to be promoted and that is what we do. That is why we are always interested in the stories, the background stories of those who write. Do you have a story to tell us, let us know. We will be more than happy to tell your story.

Sreemay on Instagram

As many poets, Sreemay publishes his work on Instagram. He writes under the pen name Mortalparable.

Sreemay on Instagram

The cover of the book is published with consent of the writer.

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