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As we are a Dutch based company, we have decided to launch a new project. And as we are an international website, we will do the announcement in English. The announcement of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs in Dutch! And because we have something to celebrate, we are giving away free access to our international website for the period of one year!

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs NLDutch website

A new website. With almost the same features as this one. Except for one difference: the website is aimed at Dutch visitors ánd poets. Maybe this will be the start of more localised websites, who knows!

The website is fully operational, but there is not a lot of content on it. So for those who write in Dutch, this is your chance. Visit for more information or click on the image below.


The Ministry of Poetic Affairs NL

Free access!Free access!

Because we are rather proud of this new website and we want to reward those who we promote, we are giving away free access to our website (the international website).

As you know, you can register at our website and you can choose between a free- or paid membership. The free membership offers you the chance to submit a maximum of 100 articles or poems per year. The paid membership has no restrictions. In the future (2018), we are limiting the free membership to a maximum of 50 articles or poems per year.

As a registered user, you will have the ability to maintain your own portfolio on our website. This website is indexed by search engines, so there is a good chance for your to be found! As it comes to copyrights: we don’t hold the copyrights, you do. When it comes down to selling your work to third parties: we don’t do this. Social media platforms like Flickr, Facebook and Instagram can (did you know that?)

How to win?

It’s easy to enter this competition. Just submit your poems using this link or using our contact options on social media. We ask the following information from you:

  • A short biography
    You don’t have to give out a lot of details, if you don’t want to. Just motivate why you write. If you do want to be fully mentioned, that is also not a problem. We rely on your creativity to provide us with a good biography.
  • The title of the poem
  • What the poem is about

You can enter as many times as you like. Remember we only publish work that is written by you and is visible for everyone (no private profiles) on social media (Instagram, Facebook pages etc). As it concerns the illustrations: these are free of copyright.

Are you ready? Then surprise and amaze us!

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