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Via this page you can view the most frequently asked questions to The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. Is your question not listed? No problem, contact The Ministry of Poetic Affairs!

This Dutch-based company promotes poets and poetry. The website started in 2016. Thousands of poets were promoted between 2016 and 2018. In 2018, the project was suspended due to lack of time. In 2020 it was time to bring the project back to life.

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is an independent organisation, based on freedom of speech. There is no link to any governement.

Let’s say this was a period of hibernation. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs was followed by Let’s Agree It’s Art. As of September 2020, it’s time to get back to business!

To be honest, the services available on the website aren’t the same ones as between 2016 and 2018. New services have been added.

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What makes a service expensive or too expensive? And on the other side, The Ministry of Poetic Affairs isn’t that rich as well… So…

Yes you can! Contact The Ministry of Poetic Affairs for more information about advertising.

The information (meaning: images and texts) are copyrighted. So you can’t use the texts on the website freely. Besides, are you really the one who copies from others?

Sorry for that in advance! Contact The Ministry of Poetic Affairs if you don’t want us to promote your work anymore.

Yes, ‘back in the days’ we had our own member service and area. These functions have not made it to the new website. Maybe in the future.

Although it is not listed as a service on the service page, we offer this service. An amount of € 19.95 will be charged for this. This amount must be paid in advance. Unfortunately, this is limited to a maximum of one poem and sixty minutes of work. If the analysis takes longer than that for every hour an ammount of € 5,- (per hour) is charged.

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