From the one that never prays

The poem “From the one that never prays”, written by Emma Joe, is a confession. A confession by someone that never prays, until now.

About Emma

It took some courage for her to start sharing her poetry with the rest of the world. She joined the Instagram community and shared her first poem on April 8th. She was very nervous to do this. This has to do with the subjects she uses for her poetry. Even more courageous: her first book will be published very soon. We can’t wait to read more about her book.

Emma writes about emotions. Mostly those that are related to love. This is someone who uses the power of poetry as a creative outlet for her deepest emotions.

About the poem

The poem begins with a familiar sentence from the Roman-Catholic religion: Forgive me Father for I have sinned. This can be the start of a confession that someone makes in the confessional box in church. If you aren’t religious or have other religious believes, you should know that (Roman-)Catholics use these confession boxes to speak freely to a priest or another clergyman or –woman. This is a place where people aren’t really able to see the person confessing.

The poem of Emma starts with this sentence and it’s clear that this is a confession. The title is contradictory with the first sentence. Why should someone that never prays use these words? This is because she never prays, until now. There is a good reason to do this: she hurt the only one she could trust. This is someone who is very close: it’s the poetess.

This is a poem about a bad type of love. Someone who treated her badly and she still went to see him. In this poem, she admits that she wasn’t honest with herself. She didn’t hold herself up to the promise to never see him again. Now she prays, asking for help. To start something new, to help her.

From the one that never prays

From the one that never prays


“Forgive me Father for I have sinned,
I’ve betrayed the only person I could trust and that person is me.
To know how truly sorry I am,
you will never again show me the path to that awful man.
I need strength and some more of your help
and I promise to never disappoint either one of us again.”


Emma Joe


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From the one that never prays
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From the one that never prays
She never prays, now she does. This is her confession
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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