Giant butterfly

Did you know, there is a world of poetry waiting to be discovered when it concerns the blogs offered by WordPress? We found the poetess Nanotist from Cambridge, by searching on the keyword poetry on this blog platform. Nanotist great poetry, such as Giant butterfly. Another poem about fear. This poem won the October Poetry Challenge about fear 2017. Therefore, we will feature this poem on our website as the main article for the following next week.

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Visit Nanotist on | Read more about why this poem won our Poetry Challenge

About the poetess

She was a little concerned about publishing her work. Actually, about the fact that she might have to deal with deadlines. We assured her, that we don’t work with deadlines. At least not for those who write for us or submit their work.

This poetess is on a mission. A mission that will free her from negative thoughts – as she beautifully described: dispel her negative thoughts. This will not only free her mind, but enables her to share happiness, beauty and truth. This is of course a good way to describe the reason to write. But, one must always ask the question: is the poet or poetess really able to do this? The intentions might be good, but what about the outcome? When it concerns the poetry of Nanotist, there is nothing to worry about. She lives up to the expectations. Her WordPress website shows her work, that is filled with this thrive to seek out the good things. Even when she is writing about pain, she shows that even this pain will go away (poem: Imagined pain).

Even the most common things in life, she is able to capture in words. Take for instance the knitting of a scarf or a blanket, in the poem Colour creations. Simple, but one cannot think about the gentleness of this all.

About the poem

And then there is the poem about this giant butterfly. Modest as this poetess is, she told us that she wasn’t sure if we found this poem fit for our website. But here we have a beautiful composed poem, where the poetess takes us through a short journey in her mind. Or into her dreamworld. A world that is not always good, but it can be. It makes you want to look up and see if they are out there and what are they up to. This is the poem Giant butterfly, where this poetess questions things that aren’t what them are or seem. And that is what she thought when writing this poem:

“The poem explores the themes of reality and nightmare, fear and beauty.”

This poem is indeed about fear. That is why we think it fits right into our October Poetry Challenge (about fear).

Giant butterfly

Giant butterfly

I hear it passing by
a giant butterfly


Carrying cargo to who knows where
someday, someday I will go there


Look up, look up, high in the sky
another giant passes by


Roaring louder
coming closer
No matter, no matter
how hard I try
Still wonder, still wonder
is it a spy


Watching, waiting
fearing, hating


Follow it with my eyes
as in the air it flies


Beautiful it may seem
this nightmare from my dream





Giant butterfly
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Giant butterfly
A poem about the fear for the butterfly
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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