Golden sand

Golden sand

Let’s introduce the poet Nuwanda. The one who writes poetry to stay concious and to survive. This is her poem Golden Sand

About the poet

Nuwanda writes poetry for a few important reasons:

I write because it is important for me to stay conscious, to keep feeling, to stop crying and basically, to survive.

About the poem

The world is full of liars. And the best of them are words. And that’s why I have befriended them.

If you want to follow Nuwanda, you can follow her on Instagram.

Golden sand

By Nuwanda


Golden sand

There is golden sand in your hair

Which made me stop and look and stare

At the way you danced and didn’t care

With a smile that was so billionaire

Over your head, the blue air

Your red lips on your skin fair

A pink blossom dress you wear

In which you twirl with a fluttering flair

Your name it sounded like a prayer

Pure as the gold in your hair

Delicate clinky as kitchenware

You moved with a graceful debonair

There is nothing to which I can compare

The golden sand that is so rare

It makes you young and makes you dare

It makes you an aurum eclair

You are something I’d never share

You’ve became my mystic love affair

All because of that golden sand in your hair …

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