Goodbye to our member website

Goodbye to our member website

As of September 2017, we have decided to focus on other things when it concerns our website. We have been offering a member website for some months now, but we decided to change this. So, it’s goodbye to our member website.

When we launched the member website, we thought it was a good idea to offer extra services for those who were in need of an own portfolio. Over the past few months, we saw that this service wasn’t as popular as we hoped it would be. Our main website gets more and more visitors, therefore we decided to shift the focus.

Instead of wanting to be another community website, we want to be the platform for poetry. With a vast growing number of visitors each month, we believe this is a success. When faced with success, it’s time to decide what to hold on to and what not.

For now, we see no future for this separate platform. We will and we want to focus on our main platform.

If you are in need of creating an own portfolio for your work, we can help. We can help setting up a website at the free blog provider WordPress. We can also export existing content from the user profiles to the new location.

We also offer the chance for those who really write for us, our editors (are you our new editor), to get the chance to showcase their work. This service will be included in our website.

Are you unable to login to your existing account? Correct, we decided to change the login procedure. Contact us, if you want to move your content.

The contact form of this website was disabled. The project "The Ministry of Poetic Affairs" is no longer an active project. See for more information:

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