Goodbye to clouds

Goodbye to clouds

Clouds can be such an inspiration. At least, they are for me. I wrote a poem about watching clouds and the possible consequences this could have.

Goodbye to clouds

Goodbye to clouds

By Harm

In my mind
frozen in time, for me to find,
there is a moment I recall
Even if it didn’t happen at all

Cloud watching, that is what’s it all about
In the month of June
a sunny afternoon
Something I could do day in day out

Watching clouds as they float by
Thinking of what they would do when they are away
And why aren’t they saying goodbye?
While drifting away on their causeway

To those fluffy ones I say goodbye
Screaming loud at the sky
Scaring away birds and silence
disturbing nature’s balance

Birds start flying
Cows start mooing
The farmer wants clarifying
of what the hell I am doing

Running through the countryside
while I try to avoid pitchforks
I need to hide
from angry farmers, I should have stayed indoors!
Next time I look at clouds passing me by
I will remain silent,
that I will try
For the reactions of others can be so violent

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