Snehal Pendharkan wrote the poem Graffiti. According to this talented poetess,  none of us is completely evil or good. There is something in these words that we should consider. It’s all about giving others a chance.

About the poem
Snehal wrote us:

This is based on the concept that none of us are completely evil or purely an angel without the sin. We all are mere survivors with both good and dark amongst us.


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By Snehal Pendharkan

I see graffiti on the wall, sublimely hiding its age.
Probably just like all of us, wearing a mask, illusioned to be on te world stage.
Creepers suling at the support, bushes pushing their boundary high, hedges covering themselves to be introvert, the
merry birds enjoying their own little concert.
Glaze that makes the grass shine like a blade, wearing out the old man in the beseech of the shade.
Wrinkled, pale and burdened of life, collecting the autumn clutter, for yet another fall to survive.
It all came down to a streamline – SURVIVAL, from the tiniest atom, to the discoveries of many a kind.
All I see is the grey wall, amidst the splash of colours, hiding its grey, for nothing in this world is completely black or purely white.

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