Earlier today I posted a poem on my own website about the sadness my two young children still feel about the death of their grandfather. This was an unexpected and dramatic event. After three years, it is still a difficult subject. From time to time I meet them in their cots, crying about what happened. This poem is about how we deal with this situation, as good as we can try. Now I feel to share this poem at the website of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs too.




By Harm Jagerman


Are you crying
Lying in your bed
I know you’re still sad.


I tried, but there is no sense in trying
Everytime I try,
I can’t stop to make you cry.


There is so much pain in your little heart
And even though you’re really smart
These feelings tear you apart.


Do you miss that time when you played
drinking makebelief lemonade
The memories so strong, they didn’t fade.


Tell me, do you see that star?
Even when it’s so far
we call it our memoir.


This star we call Grandfather’s light,
for it’s so bright
It’s here for us tonight.


In the morning this star will fade,
but don’t be afraid.
He will be back next night, as your aid.


The light of this star will guide you,
comfort even you’re blue
Just like he would do.


Sleep my little one,
I can’t make it undone
I wish I could, that your grief would be gone.


As you fall into dreams,
hopefully without your screams,
I hope your star will provide, endless beams.

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