Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse effect

This is the poem Greenhouse effect. Based on the title, you might think of a poem about the environment, but it is in fact a love poem. This poem is written by the poet who uses the pen name Wealthy Progression.

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About the poet

This poet uses the pen name Wealthy Progression. When this poet is not writing, he is following a study Veterinary Medicine in Nigeria. This poet is nineteen years old. His Instagram profile is a mixture of short stories, quotes and poetry.

About the poem

The Greenhouse effect is the way the earth warms up and this leads to all sorts of changes in nature. It is also the way that some plants are grown; inside a greenhouse. Wealthy Progression wrote a poem, that combines this phenomenon (especially the last one), with love.

Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse effect

Burn the love-shaped
I wanna see heart-shaped
romantic feelings
I wanna act upon you,
like the greenhouse effect..

Wealthy Progression

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