The moment, when love dies. That moment and the aftermath, it leads to poetry straight from the heart. A broken heart. The poem written by Pen_domonium is such a poem. It goes to show, that the ending of a relationship is something that can hurt after many years.

Part of an illustration made by Frank Dicksee for the Cornhill Magazine, issue 39

About the poem

The poetess was challenged to write about grief. This is a subject she is all too familiar with. She had to experience the loss of so many loved ones over the past few years. This including relatives, including her mother, her husband and even her loved pets. The pain that this caused, still lingers on.

As it comes to grief, there is no time label for this. It is all about those moments reminding you of this loss. The wounds may heal, but from time to time, they are opened again. With those vivid memories of how it was and never will be again. This feeling can be overwhelming, just like this poetess writes. It turns into a battle, realising you might be alone. Alone with constant pain.

According to the poetess, the pain can sometimes be suffocating and can even make you decide to take back what is lost at all cause:

“The pain bounces off the walls of the heart and mind, on and on. Sometimes it grips you by the throat and you’re willing to make a deal with the devil to get back what you’ve lost.”

Pen_domonium’s Instagram profile, we said it before, is all about transition. A transition that seems like it comes to a halt, when reading this poem. That is one way to read the poem. The poem is also a way to explain feelings for those who are new to all of this. Those who are left behind, are often asking themselves what is going on. The poem written by this poetess puts it into perspective in some way. The questions about why and how may not be answered. But there is a definite answer to what is going on.

Grief comes in many forms. Forms that cannot be compared to each other. Weather it is the death of a relative of the sadness over a lost dream. In the end, it’s grief. For those who are in pain, who suffer: reading poems such as these might not brighten up your day, but they do give an answer as to what is going on. Or to put it in the words of this poetess:

“That’s terribly frantic and frenetic. When you’re in that much pain, sometimes the only thing seeming to hold your hand and meet you in your Hell is grief itself. And lastly, your grief is in direct proportion to the love you’ve lost in your life. Grief is the misery of loss, the death of dreams, for whatever reason.”

At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we offer a platform for those who write. Freedom to write and write freely. Expressing emotions such as this poetess did is also a good example of freedom of speech. Instead of keeping silent, she took the stage and boldly stepped forward. This is something not only to appreciate, but to love.

And now for the poem. We changed the lay-out of this poem, so that it would be all ‘caught’ in one image. The original version can be found by following this link



Grief overwhelms
in solitude, a lonely
ghostly battle.

Grief echos in my
heart since you ‘ve

My tribute to our
love is frantic

Grief holds hands
and wipes tears at

My grief is
unbounded, just like
my love.


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